Animal Flow

Animal Flow

Benefits:- These movements are influenced by the animal kingdom. It isn’t all about having fun, though; the serious part is that it allows us to participate in movement habits that we sometimes overlook as adults. For instance, crawling or leaping or sprawling and hopping, who does that after the age of seven? Only nature intends us to make them our standard moves as we learn to grow stronger and more stable at that age. These animal movements are primitive but practical, therefore have been brought back by animal flow training.

Improvement of mobility: Versatile animal movements, such as described above, are modified and designed to increase the flexibility and overall range of motions of the person training. For instance, squatting or crouching down would require a person to mobilize their hip and lower body thus improving the mobility in those body parts. In animal training, the youthful range of motion is preserved through natural pandiculation, similar to animals, and not by indulging in mere stretching.

Builds Strength &Power :-

Building of Strength and Power: Animal flow exercises with animal movements are common in the way that they need you to support your entire body weight. This can help build the body's overall strength. The crab walk itself, for example, quirky as it may be, helps improve the core stability of the body all the while strengthening the elbows, abs, legs, and the back. Try the frog jump exercise, which allows you to jump forward in a frog-line squatting position for added leg strength & explosive force.

 Improves Coordination:- As you would expect, some of these moves, such as the Bear Jack, require a significant amount of coordination, agility & power to execute.

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