HIIT Exercise Classes

HIIT Exercise Classes

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT workouts have the potential to torch maximum calories than any other workout in the same amount of time! The fitness industry is buzzing due to the results even the minimum amount of HIIT can get you!

The idea is that you do short periods of all-out work followed by short periods of active rest to make the body work harder than it does during steady state cardio. The exercise intensity (that is, how hard you work) should always have an inverse relationship with the duration you take. So that means, the harder you work the shorter the time you take to do it. Short work intervals paired with a short rest period ensure you maintain a high heart rate (98) to burn calories at a higher rate.


Burn more calories :- You will burn more calories in a shorter amount of time during high- intensity exercise than during low or moderate intensity exercise. Further, you will continue to burn calories at a higher rate as you recover from your workout when you perform high-intensity exercise, a concept called excess post- exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

Improve Aerobic Capacity :- Aerobic capacity is our body’s ability to take in oxygen & transport it efficiently to the working muscles. We typically use maximum oxygen uptake (or VO2 max) as a measure of aerobic capacity. Research indicates that maximum oxygen uptake increases to a greater extent when we perform HIIT versus HISS (High-intensity steady state).

Time efficient :- Despite the benefits of exercise, not everyone is keen or able to commit to regular sessions. That's because it's hard to find time in a schedule that can at times get really hectic. HIIT is an efficient way to exercise and a good choice for people who find it difficult to fit physical activity into their schedule.

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