Each instructor has his/her own style. And apart from different styles, let's not forget the countless other things that go on in a Zumba class, like maybe meeting new people who share your energy or simply enjoying yourself till your heart is happy and content!

One hour of your time is worth it. We say so because Zumba can be a great way to meet new people and connect with them! While you radiate your energy, you are able to build working friendships with your fellow students as well as your Zumba instructor! While improving dance moves & losing pounds, you gain friendship. It makes you sweat, but it’s fun & euphoric.

Health benefits :-

Is working out not your style? From the beat of the music & the busted moves to changing lives get it all from Zumba Fitness.

a) Burn calories :- While enjoying the beat of the music , we become one with the music as we dance our way through the floor. Grooving to the beats of Zumba can burn up to 1000 calories per hour. Who knew dancing was such a high intensity cardiovascular exercise, right?

b) Improves mood :- Zumba also improves mood. Dancing involves moving your body, which involves the release of endorphins from our brains which triggers all things positive in our body. Endorphins, also known as the happy hormones, work to reduce pain perception as well. That means you can keep on dancing happily as long as you want or need to. This improves our confidence and self-esteem boost and anxiety levels reduce as well.

c) Stress reliever :- Studies show that exercise is one of the ways to fight depression when your body is free from stress, you have an easier time getting to sleep.

d) Coordination & balance :- As we grow old, our coordination slowly deteriorates. The quick moves enhance your reflexes and assist with hand-to-eye coordination.These quicker reflexes also enhance a body’s speed generally and improves its ability to focus on daily movements.

e) Boost immunity :- A daily dose of exercise can improve our health & boot immunity .As we exercise we feel a sort of burn that comes with the rigor of it. To overcome these burns, the blood in our veins pumps out immune cells to those areas. This in turn, improves our body's overall ability to ward off diseases by fighting them.

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