Cardio Workout

Cardio Workout

Cardio exercise which is also called Arabic exercise is any type of exercise that raised your Heartbeat.So working is a form of cardio, running, cycling, swimming and yes event resistance training all Cardio exercise. 

There are many different ways to categories’ the type of cardio based on heart rate and exertion.


(a) steady state cardio: For a specific distance and duration.

(b) You can do interval training, where you may work for 3 minutes and jog for 30 second, repeating this cycle.

(c) You can do circuit training combining some strength exercises with cardio-based exercises. for instance, 4 exercises, side to side hops, side dumbbell rises, legs and push-ups. You can take short rest between the exercise or do the complete circuit and take a rest and then do the circuit again. This is a great way to combined strength and cardio training together and more advanced fitness people can do HIIT or high intensity interval training and example of these would be to sprint for 20 seconds and then work for 20 seconds and to repeat the cycle for say 8 times.

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