Weight Training

Weight Training

Strength training, or weight training is also known at times as resistance training or muscular training. You use either your body weight or some equipment (e.g. dumbbells, barbells and resistance bands) and engage in some physical movements during this training to build muscle, strength & endurance.

Regardless of the type of strength training you choose to perform - with or without equipment - the goal is muscle growth. Your muscles are put under tension for it to go through neuromuscular adaptations, like stimulated growth.

And as mentioned, depending on the type of strength training you choose, you can either use any one of the various equipment to reach your goals or use none at all.

i)Body weight :- Using your own body weight & the force of gravity to perform various movements (e.g. push-ups, squats, planks, pull ups & lunges etc.)

ii)Free weights :- Equipment not bound to the floor or a machine, such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls etc.

iii)Resistance bands :- Rubber bands that provide resistance when stretched.

iv)Weight machines :- Machines with adjustable weight to provide resistance and stress to the muscle.

Benefits :- There are numerous benefits to strength training and they can improve your overall health as well as your fitness levels.

i) Strength training helps you become stronger and allows you to perform daily tasks much easier, such as carrying heavy groceries or moving your furniture in your home.

ii) It helps improve athletic performance in sports that requires speed, power & strength.

iii) Strength training helps boost your metabolism which also helps you to burn calories efficiently.

iv) As you build more muscle & lose fat, you will appear learner.

v) Apart from building strength, weight training helps increase the range of motion and overall mobility of your muscles, ligaments and tendons. This significantly reduces the risk of injuries to your body.

vi) Multiple studies show that engaging in strength training regularly can decrease the risk of high blood pressure and strengthen the heart and blood vessels, thus improving blood circulation throughout the body. It can also lower the overall as well as bad cholesterol (LDL).

Don't you think now is the time for you to start practicing some strength training, in case you haven't tried doing so already?

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